3 Simple Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

This QuickBooks accounting software is very helpful to manage your professional life. It comes with some advanced features that allow you to organize your expenditures, keep your tax compliant and gives you many more facilities. The QuickBooks software is also helpful for freelancers. It allows them to focus on their work, therefore, they do not need to worry about managing transactions. However, sometimes while you attempt to open the QuickBooks file, you may encounter QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error. But you can also resolve this error message in a jiffy. Check out the steps given in this post to resolve this error code easily.

QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error.

Whenever the certain error code appears, just be assured that the QB program software has encountered a critical application fault. “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close” appears on your monitor screen and as a result, your QB application does not work. The possible reason behind this QuickBooks unrecoverable error 00000 000000 appearing is when you have not opened the application yet, but you have opened a few windows on the system. But you can always resolve the error no matter what.

Unrecoverable Error In QuickBooks Desktop

This error usually caused by various reasons such as an incomplete installation of QB or an update. Other than that unrecoverable error when opening a company file can appear when an occurrence of data damage, or a program code that needs a repair, or due to system issues. The possible scenarios of this error can be as listed below:

  • Quickbooks unrecoverable error when exporting to excel
  • The error can appear while trying to activate QuickBooks desktop
  • Unrecoverable error can appear when closing
  • Unrecoverable error when sending email
  • QB unrecoverable error creating invoice
  • QB unrecoverable error when importing accountant’s changes
  • The error code can appear after windows update

These are just the scenarios of the QuickBooks error code appearing. And you can recover the error code by going through the following solutions.

unrecoverable error when opening a company file3 Simple Ways to Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

Update QuickBooks: You can recover this error code simply by updating the QuickBooks installation. For doing so, you can follow these steps:

  • Press CTRL and open QB
  • Go to help then click update QuickBooks
  • Click update now
  • Select new features
  • Click on Get updates
  • After the update procedure, exit the QuickBooks application.
  1. Stop QB from opening Windows during startup: You can apply this method for a resolution of this error. Check out the following steps and start recovery:
  • Hold onto ALT key and double click onto QuickBooks accounting application
  • Now, the system will display a password message. Release the ALT key and enter your password
  • Click okay. The application will start up, press the ALT key again
  • Let go of the ALT key.
  1. Try to open a sample file: If your QB does not open even after entering your username and password, you may try to open a sample file by going through the following procedure:
  • Ensure the QB is closed
  • Double click the QB icon plus, hold the CTRL key
  • Hold still til no company open appears on your screen
  • Now, open a sample file
  • Select one sample file from the list.

What Else?


I have told you everything I know to resolve the error. However, if you are still confused or unable to get the job done, try to contact a professional tech expert.

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